comfortable white | Air Soft Armchair | LAGO

Air Soft Armchair

A soft, indulgent armchair for your living room

Designer Daniele Lago · 2023

Made from extremely elastic, long-lasting materials and combined with a layer of selected, certified goose down, this armchair is ultra-comfy and soft. Boasting an innovative aluminium frame and coupling mechanism, the living room armchair Air Soft can be configured as required on extra-clear tempered glass or metal supports, creating a feeling of lightness in the space.

soft designer living room armchair | Air Soft Armchair | LAGO

An ultra-soft and inviting feel

A mixture of noble, technical materials guarantees comfort and lift over time. The selected, certified goose-down lining is what gives this armchair its unique soft comfort.

comfortable white | Air Soft Armchair | LAGO

Light, floating design

LAGO’s iconic floating design above glass or metal supports, combined with an ultra-modular design concept, makes for versatile solutions that bring a sense of lightness to the room.

Materials and finishes
The wide choice of colours and textures allows you to express furniture designed on your personality. Excellent materials and solutions guarantee products of timeless beauty.
All the technical materials of the Air Soft Armchair

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